When it comes to South African cricket, there’s no denying that AB de Villiers is a household name. The former Protea captain has become something of a national hero, renowned for his incredible batting skills and his unwavering commitment to the game. But how well do South Africans really know AB de Villiers?

It’s no secret that AB de Villiers is a celebrated figure in South Africa. He’s been the subject of countless articles, television interviews, and even a feature length documentary. He’s also been the focus of ad campaigns, as well as a brand ambassador for many leading companies. But how much do South Africans actually know about his career and his life outside of cricket?

One way to gauge the level of knowledge South Africans have about AB de Villiers is to look at the reactions he gets when he’s out in public. Whenever he’s spotted, it’s not uncommon for people to take out their phones and take a picture or ask for an autograph. This suggests that there is a strong level of recognition and admiration for AB de Villiers among the general population.

Another way to measure South Africans’ knowledge of AB de Villiers is to look at his presence on social media. He has millions of followers across his various channels, and his posts often get hundreds of thousands of likes and comments. This indicates that South Africans are up to date on his latest activities, and that they actively engage with him online.

Ultimately, it’s clear that AB de Villiers is a beloved figure in South Africa. He’s a household name and his presence is felt both on and off the field. South Africans know and appreciate him, and he’s certainly the most famous cricketer in the country.